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There are 4 sizes.

  • 78x78x150mm,
  • 78x78x130mm,
  • 78x78x110mm,
  • 78x78x90mm.

About 20 colors.

Because of 4 different sizes you can use our candleholders HOUSES as a modern, different look Advent wreath, additionally we offer elegant trays to put in candleholders and other decors for your table centrepiece.


We are responsible of treatment of wood waste from our joinery. Ur candleholders HOUSES are made from leftovers of wooden window production...which would otherwise be incinerated. Each piece has a one-off shape and a unique natural pattern. Wood is an organic material, texture directions and knots are part of wood’s nature and charm, and no two pieces are alike. Wood changes constantly and it affects the volume, colour, and the wood structure. The wood will continue to change throughout the product’s life span. It’s important to handle the wood products correctly. Wood may expand and shrink with differences in temperature and humidity. Keep all wooden products at least one meter away from a direct source of heat (heaters, radiators, fireplaces etc.).

Direct exposure of wooden products to sunlight may lead to loss of the original colour and to get deformations. Remove spilled liquids from wooden surfaces as soon as possible. Cleaning is carried out with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth from cotton or another material. We do not recommend microfiber cloths. Alternatively, the cleaning is carried out with a clean, damp cloth with water, then drying it with a clean lint-free cloth.


Raw copper version will overtime darken just like a penny turning green, brown and eventually black. The patina may develop differently over the surface (blemish/splotchy look), it is not a painted product with a even look all over. It can be cleaned with any cleaner meant for copper. Copper is a SOFT metal that scratches pretty easily, like most precious metals.


is important. But we leave it up to you. Because a candle can change the whole look. White, colorful, classic or funky...there are plenty of possibilities. Standard (Ø2 cm) size IKEA HEMA would fit.

Our candleholders HOUSES are made to decorate your home in a bit different, tasteful, Nordic style.

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