Advent set Chocolate and Plum + white rectangle wooden tray

Because we can imagine that not everyone finds it easy to make a combination by themselves, we have also we have also created some sets from  our clients beloved colors, which we offer to order together with our special trays in 2 different sizes and 4 different colors to fit to your interior and home mood.

Four different size pinewood candle holders. Suitable for table candles with a diameter of 21-23 mm. Ideal for decorating your home, could be used as Advent wreath.

Sizes candle holders:

  • 78 x 78 x 90mm
  • 78 x 78 x 110mm
  • 78 x 78 x 130mm
  • 78 x 78 x 150m

Candle holder colors: White, Pastel Violet RAL 4009, Dark grey RAL 7046, Chocolate brown NCS 7005-Y80R

Wooden tray: 420x200x35mm

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