Cat bed Birch wood natural

WE ARE CAT AND DOG PEOPLE. We love animals and we are passionate about beautiful, extraordinary and functional interior design items.

Keeping all this in mind, we have designed a multipurpose design object that will perfectly suit in every pet-lover’s house! Only 6 parts to put together. Material birch plywood bleached or painted mdf in black or white.

This piece of furniture, although simple, is elegant enough not to spoil the overall look of your home interior. Can be used not only as a bed for your pet, but also as a bedside or coffee table, pot stand or small entryway stool. An appropriate size beige or graphite grey minky fleece pillow also available to buy.


Even if your beloved cat will decline the royal comfort and choose to sleep elsewhere, you will easily find another practical and equally stylish application for the object – use it as a coffee table or a flowerpot stand.

For the item to fit perfectly into your interior, we offer various colour, design and material options:


• TV- trapezoidal cat bed with one wide opening - for those cats who like to watch what's going on around them while sleeping.

• SHUSH SHUSH - a trapezoidal cat bed with small round windows on both sides and in the front - for those cats who love peace and like to hide from the noise of the house, quietly watching what's going on around them.

Size: ( see image)

Total Height: 49cm (19.3 in)

Width: 59 cm (23.2in)

Depth: 31 cm (12.2 in)

TV screen size 32.5x23.5cm, sleeping area 51x28.5cm

SHUSH SHUSH front window diam 19.0 cm, side window diam : 17.5cm, sleeping area 51x28.5cm

Total net weight: ca 8 kg

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